Why choose a microfiber bathrobe

Since its release on the market, the microfiber bathrobe has increasingly won the favor of the public. Thanks to the characteristics related to the small size and the material of which it is made, the microfibre bathrobe represents a significant step forward compared to the classic cotton bathrobes.

Due to its reduced thickness, the microfibre bathrobe is the best choice for the gym and sport in general. It takes up little space in the bag, but has a very high absorbency, far superior to that of normal terry or cotton bathrobes silk kimono robe.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a much more durable material than cotton, bathrobes made of this material are extremely resistant to wear. Let’s now analyze specifically the characteristics and properties of microfiber.

Thickness and weight of the microfiber

Microfibers have a thickness of about 10 µ and a weight of about 0.1 denier, are twice as thin as silk, three times as thin as cotton and half as heavy. This high level of lightness makes the microfiber bathrobes extremely soft and soft to the touch.

Absorbent capacity of microfiber

In order to effectively measure the absorbency level of a microfibre bathrobe, it would be necessary to analyze the density of microfibers present. The higher the microfibre density, the higher the absorbency of the bathrobe will be.

Generally values ​​between 100,000 and 250,000 fibers per square inch result in excellent quality and high absorbency.

Different types of microfiber

Generally, four types of microfibers are produced, deriving from the microfilming of 4 different types of fibers: acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon. Furthermore, it is often possible to combine different types of fibers (for example nylon and polyester) to obtain fabrics in hybrid fibers.

What are the advantages of choosing microfiber bathrobes?

The advantages of the microfiber bathrobe compared to the cotton bathrobe

In summary, here are the advantages of the bathrobe made with microfiber compared to the cotton bathrobe:

Small size

High absorbency

Greater softness to the touch

Greater resistance to wear

The microfiber bathrobe amazes with its surprising qualities, its absorbent power and its softness.

It is practical and comfortable Time microfibre bathrobe, the bathrobe is an essential element for bathroom linen but sometimes it is so bulky that it is impossible to take it with you to the gym or for a trip. These robes thinks about everyone’s needs and thanks to the microfiber he has created a bathrobe that dries quickly and at the same time folds up easily and takes up little space. A small shoulder bag holds it.

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