10 Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs of Maharashtra

Maharashtra has a rich history of uniquely designed jewelry sets. The signature patterns and unique designs of their traditional gold jewellery add more beauty to the Marathi woman. You will find every Maharashtrian bride flaunting her jewelry designs on the special day which make her look more attractive when coupled with the Paithani or Nauvari saree. 

Let us know more in detail about the ornaments that are close to the heart of every Maharashtrian woman. 

  • Brahmani Nath: You will see every Marathi woman wearing this nath on every special occasion or pooja ceremony. It is a half-moon-shaped gold nose ring that is usually woven with pearls and stones. It has evolved with time and is now available in various designs and sizes. 
  • Kolhapuri Saaj: It is a gold necklace set which is originated from the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra. It is designed in a very unique way with 21 leaves or pendants. 10 pendants signify the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, 8 pendants are for ashtamangal, 2 pendants have ruby and emerald stones, and the last one is a taviz. 
  • Thushi: It is a choker66-styled gold necklace set made of closely woven gold beads. An adjustable thread is given at the back so that it can be worn comfortably by every Marathi woman.
  • Ambada: It is a uniquely designed bun pin specially made for hair. It is adorned with jowar beads and sunflower motifs used to decorate the hair bun of the lady. It is usually designed in a crescent shape and adds more beauty to the hair of the Marathi woman. 
  • Mohanmaal: It is a gold necklace worn by a Maharashtrian woman on special occasions. The chain is designed with two or three strings of gold beads. The woman mostly wears it with matching earrings to enhance the look. 
  • Kaan: It is also a uniquely designed earpiece that is the most important ornament of Maharashtrian jewelry. It is called “Kaan” because it is designed as an ear cuff that covers the whole ear. It is made of gold and adorned with Kundan or colorful enamel pieces.
  • Gold Mangalsutra: Another most important piece of Maharashtrian jewelry is found in the jewelry box of every Maharashtrian woman. It is given to the bride by the groom’s family during her marriage. It is considered a sacred necklace which only worn by the married woman to protect her bond with her husband from every evil eye. This is the reason is made of black and gold beads with a beautiful uniquely designed gold locket. The locket is made of two bowl-shaped patterns which are hollow from one side and sometimes designed from the main side. 
  • Chooda/Pichodi: Chooda is another most important piece of jewelry that you will find in the hand of every Maharashtrian lady. It is a set of green glass bangles paired with gold bangles to give heavy look to it. 
  • Jodvi: It is the toe ring that is essential for every married woman in woman in Maharashtrian woman to wear regularly. It is worn on the middle toe. 
  • Kudya: These are gold earrings studded with pure white pearls.


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