Types of dresses all women must stock up on

Finding the ideal clothing is an entirely different struggle. Every woman in India has access to an enormous variety of outfits, and like women, dresses exist in various designs, shapes, styles, etc. Finding the ideal dress that compliments your style statement and body shape can seem difficult. But don’t you worry! We have prepared a well-researched list of the various types of dresses for women that will assist you in this struggle. They are frequently categorised as long dresses, midi-length dresses, or mini dresses, depending on the length of the dress.

Midi dress

Midi dresses fall between a maxi and a tiny dress, typically ending at the calves. You can wear midi dresses all around the year and in all seasons. Midi-length dresses can be accessorised and styled to meet the weather, even in a country like India, which has a wide variety of weather, from dry, scorching summers to freezing winters.

Maxi dress/ Long dress

Ankle-length or even floor-length dresses with a variety of necklines, cuts, sleeves, patterns, etc., are known as maxi dresses. As a result of their airy, stylish, and cosy vibe, they are frequently a summertime favourite. Petite women can easily get away with wearing a strapless dress, but spaghetti straps would define the figure more. Maxi dresses with wide straps, or a halter neck are the best choice for curvy women.

Bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses are characterised by a fabric that hugs the figure and gives a smart look that accentuates the female body. The bodycon dress initially made its debut in the 1990s as a rival for baggy clothing. The rule for these dresses is to pick the pattern and fabric based on your body type. A bodycon dress in a solid colour is timeless, but if you’re feeling adventurous, there are a tonne of patterns, motifs, and colour combinations you can choose from.


Chemises are soft, sweet, and comfortable and give nightwear the ideal amount of femininity. These are simple to slide into and provide a breezy and relaxed fit because they are tailored from light satin or modal fabrics. They are thus the ideal night dress for women for lounging or sleeping. These hassle-free looks are attractive and work well on many body types.

Shirt dress

A shirt dress is a classical shirt that is lengthened and worn as a dress. You can style it with a belt in the middle of the dress to give it a little shape. Its adaptability is limitless—a shirt dress functions on several levels. For a smart look, pair it with heels and a well-dressed jacket. Replace the shoes with sneakers and add a denim jacket for a more stylish look.

Bonus: Apart from dresses, you can also try various jumpsuits readily available in the market. Jumpsuits for women come in all sizes and attractive prints, and they are comfortable and cosy and give you a classy and chic look.

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