Shirts all men should have in their closets!

Men’s fashion has evolved, and they also look forward to trying some flattering pieces of the garment every now and then. The first thing that anyone notices in men is their shirt. Though, their wardrobe must be full of some fantastic collections of shirts. But they might not have all types of shirts in their closet that make them look good.

In choosing a shirt, many things matter, like the type of garment, the right fit, and the shirt style. Your shirt style can define your personality, so you must choose it wisely. We share a few shirt styles men must have in their closets to sort this out for men from full sleeve shirts to slim fit shirts, we’re here to give you a full guide!

Must-Have Men’s Shirts

1- Regular Fit Shirts 

If you are looking for a shirt that can go well for all purposes, regular fit shirts are what you need. From a muscle man to a man with an average build, these shirts provide comfort to all. However, men avoid wearing them due to their loose fit, especially around the waist when tucking them. It adds a baggy look to their appearance and hides their physical build.

But for a long day of working, where comfort is your priority, regular fit shirts are the best. They offer proper room for movement around the arms and upper body.

2- Slim Fit Shirts

It is the most in-demand shirt these days due to the kind of fit it offers. Contrary to the regular fit shirt, slim fit shirts are designed in a way that they hug the body closely. These shirts do not provide much room around the upper body or arms. For men with slim built, it is a perfect go-to shirt. Though those with muscles may struggle, many still tend to get them. It helps them in showing their well-built physique. You will also find a variety of slim-fit shirts like half sleeves, full sleeves, band collars, and many more.

3- Full Sleeve Shirts 

Full sleeve shirts are the must to have in your wardrobe. You will need them on many occasions like interviews, formal parties, and wedding & engagement parties. The purpose of a full sleeve shirt is to get protection from UV Rays. But how can we miss that men look more appealing when they roll up their full sleeves? It makes them look classy and sassy both at the same time. So if you wish to leave a good impression during business meetings or client calls, go for full sleeve shirts.

4- Half-Sleeve Shirts

After all the praises that a full sleeves shirt has, do not feel that half sleeves shirts are not good. Instead, they are one of those shirts with which you can do many experiments. Half Sleeve Shirts are available in multiple styles, designs, and colors. From the plain half sleeves shirt to printed half-sleeve shirts, band collar half-sleeve shirts, bohemian style half sleeve shirts, and lots more. You have one for almost every occasion, be it your office wear or any party. So go and get some that match your personality and style.

The Bottom Line

We hope you have these four basic shirt styles in your wardrobe, as they come under the essentials. However, if you are missing any of these, go and get one. It will save you from any last-minute rush of looking for that particular shirt type. Jack & Jones has an extensive collection of shirts for men so don’t forget to check it out!

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