Why Are Rolex Watches So Famous For Women?

Found in 1905, Rolex watches have ruled over the luxury watches list so much that the first company to click into our brains when we talk about luxury watches is Rolex. But why are people even willing to invest such a huge amount of money in Rolex? Why are women so interested in these watches? Let’s read more (อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai) to find out:

Firstly, the value of Rolex never depreciates; it only increases with time; think abou5ut it just like a share investment where you buy a watch whose value is guaranteed to increase over time. Rolex watches generate high auction prices and are among the top 10 more expensive and most expensive auction generated watches.

Secondly and most importantly is its brand value; if one has a Rolex watch on their wrist, it’s a subtle message to the onlookers that the person is of higher strata of the society. A Rolex watch adds significant value to your social status. But is this the only reason for it being preferred by the women population? Read more to understand it better.

Rolex is known for its excellent quality; they’re built to last and provide numerous features; the brand itself invented many. A Rolex watch performs several functions that no other watch can. Moreover, the design of a Rolex watch is top-notch; they are specifically designed to ease up the wearing experience. Every little factor is considered when designing a Rolex watch, and the distinctive Oyster bracelet is made to stand out and be known. Women are often spotted wearing premium quality stylish Rolex watches for these factors. But is this all? Read more to find out.

Rolex company has low production rates, which creates a massive demand for them in the market and a long waiting list. The company creates this shortage purposely to brand its product on the desired podium. The product is Marketed excellently, and even if it is easy to pronounce name is a marketing strategy so that people all over the globe can pronounce it without difficulty. 

The product’s grip has often been seen in Hollywood and cult celebrity’s wrists making it even more desirable to women as we look up to celebrities and inculcate their attributes.

The product is not just a watch but a symbol of wealth, success, quality, style and fame. Women wear it with pride.

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