Rubber Mats’ Advantages In Commercial Kitchens

Rubber Matting is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment a kitchen may have. Learn how Rubber Matting may improve safety and hygiene for you and your employees.

When searching for potential risks in commercial kitchens, it is predictable that rubber mats are a wonderful alternative because they may assist in avoid all of these items from creating accidents.

Here we look at just a few of the advantages of utilizing rubber matting and flooring in commercial kitchens since there are many that you may not have considered.

Preventing Slip And Fall Accidents

Rubber mats provide grip and stability, allowing persons standing on them to maintain contact with the flooring rather than slipping on a smooth, wet surface. They also allow spills and debris to run beneath them and gather there until they are cleaned later, resulting in less on the floor that may cause a slip or trip.

Combats Fatigue To Improve Well-Being

Many kitchen workers stand in the same location all day, which can lead to achy joints and muscles, headaches, and weariness.

Rubber mats, by providing an alternative to standing on a hard, cold floor, stimulate persons standing on them to produce micro-movements, which maintain blood flowing around their legs, allowing the heart to work less hard to pump the blood back up and around the body.

This results in less fatigue, higher productivity, and a more motivated workforce; additionally, by providing a more comfortable work environment, you will find that your employees will take fewer sick days for musculoskeletal disorders, which are frequently caused by standing in the same position for an extended period.

Improved Hygiene Management

Commercial mats will keep your commercial kitchen cleaner and more hygienic by allowing dirt and debris to fall through the holes and be collected underneath the mat rather than being trodden across the floor as people walk around.

If something is spilled, it will just run through the mat’s perforations and sit there until the mats are rolled up and everything is cleared away from beneath them.

Floors And Equipment Should Be Protected

Industrial mats provide a barrier between the kitchen floor and anything that may be dropped on it, reducing the risk of harm to both the equipment being dropped and the surface it falls on.

This is especially useful if your commercial kitchen uses a lot of glass and ceramic goods.

The Finest Commercial Kitchen Rubber Mats

Now that you’ve determined that placing rubber mats in your commercial kitchen has several advantages, it’s time to pick which type is ideal for you.

The most crucial factor to consider is the substance of the rubber mat that will be required to meet your needs. Many are constructed of natural rubber, which is good for damp or muddy floors but is not compatible with oil and grease spills, making them less suitable for use in industrial kitchens.

The best alternative is nitrile rubber matting, which can handle oil and grease spills and is more robust and has a longer lifespan than natural rubber in general, making it a great investment.

Readers who are already familiar with this sort of matting will recognize a typical issue: Natural and Nitrile rubbers appear identical, making it practically hard to discern between the two. In these circumstances, you should select a colored mat, commonly red or blue, to indicate that it is composed of a nitrile compound.

You should choose a design with holes to ensure a cleaner kitchen with fewer slip and trip risks, and one with a densely textured surface to ensure that your staff has plenty of traction with the floor as they walk around the kitchen.

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