Learn These Most Popular Necklace Trends!

Necklaces are essential pieces of accessories. They are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry and have become the center of attraction in a look. Every jewelry enthusiast and even people who are not interested in jewelry have at least one necklace in their jewelry box. 

While necklaces have always been in trend, there are specific styles that have become people’s favorites. If you are someone who likes to go with the trend, knowing the current necklace trends will help you catch looks from everyone. Shop for the best necklaces at Mydiamond.ca diamond necklace

Most popular necklace trends 

  • Layering combinations. 

Layering is the number one trend right now, be it clothes or jewelry. Everyone loves layering, and it has been running on the runways. It is an evergreen style that goes with any outfit and season. The best thing about layering is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. You get a unique style by putting on a few items together. 

To start layering, pick your favorite lengths first. You could start with a choker and end it with a long pendant. Customize the look with your favorite gemstones, chain size, symbols, and colors. 

  • Diamond collars and chokers. 

If there is anything that can make necklaces even better, it is diamond. Diamond chokers and collars offer sophistication and elegance and can easily transition from everyday casual to dressy. While these pieces of jewelry can complement an evening gown, they can easily go with a casual outfit, such as a white shirt and denim jeans. 

  • Logomania necklace 

Over the past few years, luxurious brands like Chanel have been promoting their simple yet elegant alphabetical necklace. A logo necklace with the alphabet in it never goes out of style. Whether you want to wear it on top of a trendy outfit or keep it simple on your normal outing, you can purchase a necklace or create your own! You can buy a custom logomania necklace with your initials or someone you love initials. What’s surprising is that these simple necklaces give a classy look, and people are opting for gold logo necklaces, too, with plenty of customizations, including diamonds and silver in them! 

  • Chain necklaces 

Chain necklaces have been a trend for years and will continue to make their way in 2022. Whether it is a simple paper clip design necklace or a gold one, chain necklaces are perfect for every occasion. Besides just a simple chain, you can customize it by adding a pendant in the center or any attractive accessories that you think will blend perfectly with your style. 


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